Achoro Optical Wired 7D RGB Color Backlight Programmable Gaming Mouse - Premium Quality Wired DPI Adjustable Programmable Computer Gaming Mouse

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Key Features

• 7 Programmable Key

•Premium Quality - Rubber Coated Material

•3D Anti-Skid Roller.

•Multi-protection Technology

•5 Millions Plus Button Life

•Key Life - 500W Times.

•Light Efficiency - RGB and Other Amazing Luminous Multi-color Effects

•10 Million Switch Times•

•30 Days Money Back Guaranty•

Gift Package Includes

•Gaming Mouse •

•Attach Cable - 1.8 Meter Braided Line•

•Please contact us for the Software•

Additional Information

•Achoro Gaming Mouse Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and Linux, However, Software programming Function isn't available to Mac OS. •