Achoro 360 Degree Rotating Armband - Compatible with iPhone, Samsung - Premium Quality Smartphone Arm Holder

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  • Premium Quality 360 Degree Rotatable Armband - Offers secure and comfortable experience during Running, Gyming, Hiking, Cycling, other activities.
  • Professional Armband - Compatible with iPhone, Smartphone, iPod, and Samsung.
  • Innovative Designs, Eco-Friendly - Easy to Carry, Washable, and Breathable.
  • Lightweight, Portable Design - Supports major arms with availability to expensive based on the arm size.
  • Adjustable Strap - Can function with and without cases.

Key Features:

Premium Quality Elastic Armband.

Adjustable - Easy to Isntall

360 Degree Rotatable Universal Compatible.

Multi Purpose Smartphone Armband.

Package Includes:

Achoro Armband.

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  • 4
    It's functional

    Posted by Taryn on Nov 7th 2019

    I tried out the Achoro 360 Degree Rotating Armband and while it holds the phone quite well and rotates (if needed), I did find that the actual adjustable arm band does not stay in place and starts to slide down. I did have it fit quite snug and it still moved on my arm, so it should be fine while walking but not sure about running or other activities.

  • 5

    Posted by Sefina on Nov 6th 2019

    The armband works great. I love power keeps my iPhone secure on my arm when I walk. I got it for free only a honest review

  • 5
    Handy and nice quality

    Posted by Yvetta on Nov 5th 2019

    I have never seen a rotating armband like this but its great! It fits two of our phones of different sizes. The rubber looks pretty sturdy. Bonus feature, I think you could get creative and use it as a phone holder in odd places if you needed to show the kids a movie because of the cool rotating feature!

  • 4
    Great overall

    Posted by JustinTime on Oct 28th 2019

    This is a great 360 Degree Rotatable Armband. IT is comfortable for me to wear and doesn’t slide or squeeze too tightly. The rubber bands that hold it allow you to still use it in a case and grip my phone rally tight. Anything smaller that an IPod 4 may have issues with being gripped tightly. I also have an IPhone 6s which also works well in it. The rubber bands seem to be well thought out and don’t cover the home button on my IPod or IPhone.
    The one piece of feedback I would give is that there are no instruction that some with it. I mention this because it did seem straight forward to use but with my small arm and wrist it seemed like it would not stay tight until I realized that the small Velcro tab could make the band smaller. A simple diagram may have been helpful. Also if this product is intended to be worn during workouts that simple card could also give instructions on appropriate ways to wash it or the suggested soap to use so that the Velcro and elasticity do not become jeopardized.

    All in all I give this product 4 stars.
    Note: I received this product for free or at a significant discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. This review is entirely based on my honest assessment and opinion after using the product and not influenced in any way by receiving a discount. All opinions are my own.