Achoro 4 USB Ports Data Transfer Hub - Pure Aluminum USB 3.0 High-Speed Data Transfer Slim USB Hub

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4 Ports USB Hub - USB 3.0 High-Speed Data transfer up to 5Gbps.
High-Quality Internal and External Interface - Supports Windows, Vista, XP, Mac OS, and Linux.
USB3.0 High-Speed Data Transfer Hub. Ultimate Flexibility Plug-And-Play and Hot-Swapping Capability with Fast Data/File Access, Transfer Rate: Up To 5Gbps Widely Used for External Storage Devices, Scanners, Printers, DVD Drives, CD-RM Drives, Digital Cameras/Camcorder.
No software driver, convenient and high-speed transmission, backward compatible with USB2.0, USB1.1, USB1.0.
USB Hub built-in DC power source. 30 Days Money Back Guaranty.

Pure Aluminum 4 USB Hub Key Features:

Effective and Efficient Operating System.

USB 3.0 Mechanism Support Major PCs.

Data Transfer includes files, mp3, videos, pictures and work simultaneously with multiple devices.

Plug and Play Function - External DC Cable may require, If the USB Hub use for a large Hub.

Compatible with Windows, Vista, XP, Mac OS, and Linux.

Package Includes:

4 Ports USB Hub.